Jaeger – Atmos II Escapement model display

ID number:
Atmos II Escapement model display
Electric 110 V 60 Hertz
electric 220 voltage
escapement model
desk / table clock / pendule
dealer advertising
advertising item
display clock for retailers
Year of manufacture:
Case material:
wood and brass
Case shape:
Case color:
Gold / Brown
Case dimensions:
340 mm × 365 mm × 300 mm (LxWxD)
Condition case:
very good (AA)
Condition dial:
very good (AA) and original
Condition movement:
very good (AA)
General condition:
very good (AA)


Absolutly high light.
A Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos II Escapement show model.
The demonstrator model from the 1940’s shows how an Atmos works.
The model has two units.
First the clock where you can see the barrel motor and
the second unit shows the temperature situation on a display.
So you can see the interaction of temperature fluctuations and the function of the barrel motor.
The barrel expands an contracts and winding up the main spring.
The hands moving but the pendulum is fixed.
Very nice and heavy wooden and metal case.The model works with 110 or 220 Volt (swich at the motor). Text on the front plate
The Atmos “Aero Motor” is a precisely constructed metal bellows which expands and contracts as the temperature rises or falls. It is powered by minute changes in temperature. Thus Atmos is kept running without winding without electicity, without human intervention of any kind. Atmos is the brilliant conception of a phyacist, and is made by LeCoultre, “Makers of the Most Exceptional Watches and Clocks in All the World”
Product of Vacheron & Constantin LeCoultre Watches Inc. .Absoulte museal collectors´s piece!

Estimated value: € 14,500.00